Freshly made VR moveable attraction for six entertainees!


Freshly made VR moveable attraction for six entertainees!

December 15, 2017

Freshly made Cinema Abyss for six holiday-makers

Project description

Atmosphere’s partners announced recently another unique attraction for the wide audience. Moving cinema platform for up to six people provides a wide range of experiences, including roller coasters, speed traveling, moonraces, swimming underwater and many other exciting experiences.

This type of Virtual Reality is also considered to be a good way to treat phobias! When it comes to the fear of height or wild animals, psychologists claim subconscious control helps greatly to overcome the bad feelings much quicker.

If you manage a cinema, or an education center, Abyss is a great way to enrich customers’ impressions with its short breathtaking movies or even 360° documentaries. Prices starts from $4000 and depend on the type of content you wish to use and amount of places.

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