Fresh new gamezone right in the center of Athens


Fresh new gamezone right in the center of Athens

May 21, 2019

New gamezone opened in Athens

Project description

If you have a kid and visited Athens with a whole family, you might have known about Village Mall and its famous Panda Family Center. This club is definitely ready to meet anybody, inviting children to spend all day long here with its roller dancing club, enormous playground and generous restaurant. Every guest is to be satisfied. But what about those children, who joined the dark side of Hi-Tech force? For desperate players PFC has a special gaming simulator area and since 2019 an additional segment of visitors are flushing into the VR game zone, leaving the rest of the club almost untouched.

Atmosphere is now proud to become a partner of Panda Family Club. There are several types of Virtual Reality equipment here, as well as Star Blade and VR-2 Goggles. Even adults often feel themselves brave enough to save a galaxy and join their children in a 360° space battle. The gaming zone is now fully packed up with newest entertainment technologies, so the place is becoming even more precious to the city citizens. And Alexander Saridis, Managing Director, states that visitors are now spending on average 44 minutes more than before, thus raising the revenue by 8%.

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