Moderate price goggles to enhance your brand’s experience


Moderate price goggles to enhance your brand’s experience

May 20, 2019

Moderate price goggles to enhance your brand's loyalty

Project description

Visitors usually do not pay a lot of attention to the psychological tricks company uses, though might know about it. This simple effect leaves businesses a big size door to the myriads of invisible tricks, each one touching its focus group and taking its 1-3% conversion.

Though VR / AR market is quite young, it has already bringing its businesses $2,7 bln in 2014 and still growing. For the next couple of decades Virtual Reality will come though Gartner Hype Cycle stages and reach golden maturity by 2025.

So now the flow of equipment is changes rapidly and financial reports doesn’t seem to be very credible. Atmosphere has chosen a medium price segment of Total Interactive simulators and goggles, so that its market segment became clear soon. If you manage a cinema, children playground, entertainment center, trading mall, zoo or a museum, Virtual Reality is the great opportunity for your business to update itself and attract wider audience.

We are proud to announce that Total Vision goggles are now in stock. The prices start from $400 and almost do not depend on the content you wish to use, making the equipment an universal one.

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