Rotterdam Sir Winston updated


Rotterdam Sir Winston updated

December 15, 2018

Gaming studio updated in Rotterdam

Project description

Sir Winston is an interesting project for those who manages a gaming center. This place is a family gaming aggregator, allowing players of almost all categories to enjoy their time after the cinema. Tons of arcades, dozens of simulators and 4 hundreds of visitors each day.

This family gaming center is a classic example of an update via Virtual Reality. SW ordered Star Blade simulators and thus initiated the clients’ development. For the first week there was an endless queue of children and young adults eager to play VR cheaper than in the other places in Rotterdam.

The next two months was a month of influence evaluation. VR raised an average amount of money spent up to 9%! The energy waste rose also, by 7%, so the taxes grew as well. The company owner is now quite satisfied with the effect, because his gaming center is truly contemporary and new type of audience is attracted.

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